Melody was trained & certified by the International Coach Federation
through Erickson International College.

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I work with clients who experience chronic pain and fatigue. I was inspired to become a Pain Management Coach from years of personal experience with chronic pain.

When your body is not functioning at its optimal best it signals you through pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, and a myriad of other symptoms. It is very important to learn how to read and respond to your body.

I will listen to your experience and together we will design a plan that will help ease or eliminate pain. We will explore your body's signals, optimal reactions, inner-dialog, and relaxation techniques.

I look forward to meeting you.

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Client Testimonials
“Being a client of Mel's has been a deeply rewarding experience. I would like to invite anyone considering life coaching to begin their journey with Mel as their coach. She knows how to get to the heart of the matter inside each person and cares at a level you would never expect from most human beings. Coaching at its best brings the greatest manifestation of each person into action. Mel does this naturally and consistently. I give her my highest recommendation.”
Hillary Frisch ~ Psychologist, New York

"I got a tremendous amount of value from 6 sessions with Mel. I had been feeling stalled on several goals, feeling unsure of how to begin. Mel helped me to break the goals into manageable steps, and map them out, which made it easy to get started. She also helped me overcome an obstacle that had been concerning me, organize my time management. My enthusiasm and passion for my goals has been fed by this process." Merlin Varaday, Writer and Tourism Marketer, Portland Oregon

"Mel is a fabulous coach. She helped me sort out my marketing plan to get my business growing in the right direction and helped me find the steps to take my business to the next level.” Vincent Nunez, Spiritual Counselor, Arizona
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"Awaken to the "ValuableYou"
within and create a healthier YOU." Melody

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